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Prolozone — also called ozone therapy or Prolozone therapy — is a form of regenerative medicine. The team at Real Health Medical offers Prolozone to support your body’s natural healing and address various health issues such as injuries, chronic inflammation and pain, and degeneration. If you suffer from any type of joint pain, from your ankles, knees, hips, back, shoulders, or neck, you should consider Prolozone.

What is Prolozone™?

Prolozone is a treatment that injects ozone and nutrients into your joints to speed healing. Injections can be painful, at Real Health Medical, we inject Novocain into the joint first to help alleviate any discomfort. Then, while the syringe needle is still in, we switch syringes and add a nutrient solution, which includes vitamin B12, hyaluronic acid, and a pain remedy called Traumeel. Finally, we unscrew that syringe and attach the tube containing the ozone. The whole treatment takes about three minutes. And the results are nothing short of miraculous.

How does Prolozone work?

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas composed of three oxygen atoms. Oxygen contains only two oxygen atoms, the extra oxygen atom makes it more reactive than regular oxygen. The Prolozone injection wants to eliminate that extra oxygen atom. When injected into your diseased or damaged tissue, the ozone effectively oxygenates the tissue and stimulates the cells to produce energy. With more oxygen, the cells are able to produce more ATP and create more energy. The added energy produced, allows your cells to work harder to create the collagen and cartilage tissue needed to repair the damage, thus restoring the health of the joint. At Real Health Medical, the team administers Prolozone therapy in a series of 3-5 injections over 3-8 weeks.

What other therapies improve the effects of Prolozone?

To enhance your body’s healing powers, the team at Real Health Medical may combine your Prolozone therapy with other forms of regenerative medicine. These may include:

Combining your Prolozone therapy with other forms of regenerative medicine accelerates healing for faster results.

The most common Prolozone-regenerative Medicine protocol at Real Health Medical is “One and Done” therapy, which includes administration of Prolozone during the first week of treatment and then regenerative medicine/cytozome administration during the second week.

Can Prolozone be combined with hormone therapy?

Real Health Medical also combines Prolozone therapy with bioidentical hormones or peptide “super” hormones. Hormones maintain the normal repair (anabolic) and healing process in the body and counter the body’s aging (catabolic) tendencies. Bioidentical hormones are essential in men (testosterone) and women (testosterone, estrogen) for optimal joint, cartilage, and ligament health. 

Peptide “super” hormone therapy targets joints, cartilage, muscles, and tendons. The team at Real Health Medical finds peptide “super” hormone therapy (CJC, ipamorelin, sermorelin, BPCm tesamorelin), cytozomes, regenerative medicine therapy, and Prolozone therapy useful for improving joint function, reducing or resolving joint and back pain, and preventing the need for back surgery, as well as joint surgery and joint replacement.

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