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Brain Fog

Not feeling as sharp as you used to? Our team of functional and integrative medicine professionals can help banish brain fog through natural treatments for common conditions like hormone imbalance, fatigue, gut issues, and thyroid problems that could be causing this feeling.

​Our doctors at Real Health Medical in Roswell, GA offer a “whole person” approach, which can help you diagnose and correct the causes behind your foggy brain. The following have a strong impact on brain function:​

  • Adrenal Fatigue;
  • Hormone Imbalance;
  • Toxicity – chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, etc. Toxins damage brain cells.
  • Systemic Inflammation – from poor diet and/or lifestyle, or a hidden, chronic infection
  • Gut Inflammation – stress diminishes digestive function which leads to inflammation. And because the gut is the “second brain”, what affects the gut, affects the brain.

A functional medicine strategy may include:

  • Specialized Testing and/or Functional Medicine Labs
  • Specific, customized natural supplements;
  • Diet and Lifestyle Coaching;
  • In-office therapies.

Unique Recommendations

​The exact strategy is unique to each person’s situation. Once our functional medicine doctors meet with you and evaluate your case, you will receive customized recommendations.