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Lyme Disease and Infections

Low grade or subclinical (hidden) infections and chronic infections often contribute to chronic disease. We provide specialized testing for:

  • Lyme and its co-infections (Anaplasma, Babesia, Bartonella, Borrelia and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever mycoplasma);
  • Chronic Viruses (Epstein Barr, Cytomegalo, Herpes virues, etc)
  • Hidden Gastro-Intestinal Infections (bacteria, virus, parasites and fungi); and
  • Mold toxins (mycotoxins).

Additionally, the underlying factors of toxicity and metabolic stress that weaken the immune system and predispose one to chronic infections are also evaluated.

Treatment Protocols are comprehensive and may include prescription and/or natural antibiotics, homeopathic and herbal remedies, Bio-Energetic medicine, IV therapy (ozone, UV light, IV antibiotics), dietary modification and various methods of detoxification.



Healed From Lyme Disease

God is so faithful!! This picture on the left is Brin when she came back from living in the Dominican Republic. She was so incredibly sick with Lyme disease. For months she would literally drag herself out of bed and she and I would go to her amazing doctor at Real Health Medical several times a week. She would get vitamin IVs and laser treatments to help her feel better and to build up her immune system.

Well, fast forward a year and she’s not only completely well but God opened the door for her to work at that same office!! She is the laser therapy technician now and gets to work on and encourage patients that come in there so sick with Lyme as well as other illnesses. Brinley, you are such a bright light in that office and we are so proud of you!! To God be the glory!!!