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IV Therapy

Getting your vitamins through an IV is a great way to support your general well-being, but did you know it is also a powerful way to treat nutrient deficiencies and specific health issues?

If you….

  • Have digestive issues that are preventing the absorption and assimilation of the food you are eating and the vitamins you are taking. Getting the vitamins through an IV will bypass your gut and get right into your system.
  • Have chronic viral or other infections or get sick a lot, our Immune IV with vitamin C and glutathione will give your immune system what it needs to rid itself of chronic infections.
  • Want to avoid taking supplements or have difficulty swallowing pills, IV vitamins monthly can replace many of the supplements you need to be taking.
  • Have an inflammatory health condition, severe fatigue, or simply need support for detoxification, IV nutrients can provide an added boost to help you recover and feel better more quickly.

Commonly Prescribed Nutritional IVs:

  1. Wellness IV, called a Myers Cocktail, can be thought of as a multi vitamin and mineral. It will treat most nutrient deficiencies, and also help with energy, productivity and general wellness.
  2. Immune IV – High dose vitamin C has been shown to treat infections ranging from Epstein Barr Virus (the virus causing Mono, autoimmunity in some people, and possibly chronic fatigue syndrome) to overwhelming body-wide bacterial infections (sepsis). We often add zinc and glutathione for optimal immune recovery.
  3. Glutathione – the ultimate antioxidant and detoxifier. It cannot be mixed in an IV bag with other vitamins, and can be given at the end of your drip as an “add on” or by itself in its own drip room visit.