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Anxiety and Depression

  • Overwhelmed?
  • Is your mood down or it feels unstable?
  • No longer have the motivation to do the things you used to enjoy?

How to solve your anxiety or depression?

Through functional medicine, Real Health Medical in Roswell, GA offers a “whole person” approach which will help you diagnose and correct the root causes behind while you’re not feeling like yourself. This integrative and holistic approach allows our doctors to treat anxiety and depression, while focusing on the overall wellness of the patient.

A Functional Medicine Strategy may include:

  • Specialized, Functional Medicine Labs
  • Specific, Customized Natural Supplements
  • Diet and Lifestyle Coaching
  • In-Office Therapies

Unique Recommendations

The exact strategy is unique to each person’s situation. Once we meet you and evaluate your case, we will provide you with customized recommendations.