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If you’re like many of the patients that we see at Real Health Medical every day, you’re suffering from at least one chronic lifestyle condition: weight gain, fatigue, depression, hormone imbalance and digestive issues. And, almost always, an imbalance in your hormones is a pre-cursor to the complex and confounding symptoms that result.

Are Any of These Troubling You?

• Fatigue • Weight Gain • Depression or Anxiety • Insomnia • Loss of Muscle Tone • Lack of Patience • Lack of Motivation • Allergies • Chronic Infections • Headaches & migraines • Mood swings & irritability • Heartburn / indigestion / bloating • Constipation / diarrhea • Food cravings • Hot flashes and night sweats • PMS • Overeating • Decreased libido


Bio-Identical Hormone Balancing

At Real Health Medical, we offer natural solutions that get at the root cause of your
symptoms. Often times, the place to begin is by measuring and balancing your adrenal
stress hormones (cortisol), thyroid hormones (T3 and T4) as well as your sex hormones
(estrogen, progesterone and testosterone).

Functional Medicine – focusing on the root cause of dysfunction

In addition to natural, bio-identical hormone balancing, the doctors at Real Health Medical
have advanced training in Functional Medicine. The doctors view themselves as health detectives focused on identifying the unique triggers that drove your hormones so far out of balance in the first place.

Triggers Behind Hormonal Imbalances may include:

• Nutritional Deficiencies;
• Chronic Infections;
• Hidden Gastro-Intestinal Infections;
• Food allergies or sensitivities;
• Toxicity;
• Chronic Inflammation; and
• Overwhelming Stress.

An Integrated, Wellness-Based Approach

At Real Health Medical, we have a staff of gifted doctors and practitioners who work
together to solve your health puzzle. By offering bio-identical hormone therapy along with Functional Medicine, we offer truly Integrated Medicine – the best of traditional medicine along with natural approaches.

Picking Up the Ball That Traditional Medicine Has Dropped

There are profound differences between functional medicine and conventional medicine. Conventional medicine aims at identifying life-threatening diseases, but ignores the realm of more subtle issues. For example, endocrinologists look for diseases like Addison’s disease (the adrenal glands failing to make cortisol) — but are not trained to diagnose or treat adrenal fatigue (the adrenal glands are no longer making normal amounts of cortisol) which leads to a myriad of health problems.

By contrast, functional medicine looks at identifying and correcting imbalances and lifestyle issues that are eroding your health over time, reducing your quality of life, and predisposing you to the development of serious health problems down the road. In other words, functional medicine aims at preventing you from ever developing those major diseases in the first place.


For more information about Real Health Medical, or to have your specific questions
answered, give our office a call today 678.990.5401.

Our New Patient Coordinator looks forward to speaking with you.

Rhett Bergeron, M.D.
Real Health Medical - Owner

“I believe that Real Health Medical is special and effective because our team sees their work of healing as a calling.”

Dr. Tracy McAlvanah
Functional Medicine Specialist

” Certified Functional Medicine Expert for adrenal fatigue / hormonal imbalances, GI dysfunction and detoxification; SpectraVision Bio-energetic Specialist / computerized acupuncture assessment.”

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