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Understanding Detoxification

Detoxification is defined as “the removal of toxic substances from the body,” or a “cleansing of the body.” The primary organ involved in detoxification is our liver.

Our liver acts like a cleanup crew as it is the filter that toxins from the GI tract must pass through. If the liver is able to keep up with the pace of toxins being formed, they will be filtered out fast enough and never reach the rest of the body.

If the liver is not functioning properly, toxins will enter our circulation and accumulate in various parts of our body, causing damage over time. These toxins then stay in our systems permanently and start to negatively affect various organs, including the liver, colon, kidney, heart, brain, lungs, skin, and endocrine system.

The liver has many functions including digestive and hormonal. It is responsible for processing toxins. Overall health depends on a healthy and supported liver.

Formulas are used to support natural hepatic detoxification. Formulas contain hypo-allergenic nutrients, necessary enzymatic cofactors, metabolic precursors, and herbal compounds to support normal liver detoxification reactions and bile flow. These formulations work best when combined with a cleansing program.

A proper detoxification program will help restore healthy digestive system function by removing harmful toxins, and by promoting nutrient absorption from food which will help you feel more energized.

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