Real Health Medical our mission is to provide quality integrative healthcare and to glorify God!  We strive daily to achieve this mission by utilizing our gifts to benefit the Roswell, Alpharetta and Greater Atlanta residents with quality care.

A Team of Integrated Physicians and Healthcare Practitioners are ready to serve and care for you!

COMPREHENSIVE HORMONE THERAPY AND REAL HEALTH: AN INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE PROGRAM TO ACHIEVE DEEP WELLNESS We offer a comprehensive team of specialists with a unique perspective on achieving health and reversing illness. We work together, and design 10, 20, 30, and 60 day programs that are uniquely geared to your health needs.
Are you tired of running from doctor to doctor, being seen as a collection of symptoms, telling your story over and over again, with no wholistic plan to heal the total person that you are?
We listen. Yes, we really listen, to you and your body, and offer a stunning array of techniques, from the latest cutting-edge diagnostic testing, to ancient healing techniques such as acupuncture, cleansing and careful detoxification. Where else can you go for healing that encompasses laboratory testing that is state of the art and bioenergetic healing as well?
We design a program of care that is unparalleled in the Atlanta area.