Imagine…   That your doctor really does care…

That your practitioners take the time, unhurried, unrushed, to truly hear your story…

You are given comprehensive testing and treatment, and an integrated team of diverse practitioners to truly help you heal…

Welcome to Real Health Medical, a one-of-a-kind integrative medical practice, unlike any other in Georgia. We see patients from all over the country. Our mission at Real Health Medical is a transformative approach to 21st century healthcare—one that integrates the best of western medicine with proven alternative therapies to help heal the whole person that you are—your body, your nutritional deficiencies, your toxic load, your mind, your spirit, and your connection to community. We know that all these matter profoundly.

We utilize the novel concept of a physician’s roundtable—our practitioners coming together to discuss your case and formulating the best approach to your healing – mind, body, and spirit.

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Our current practice at Real Health Medical is remarkable in that it integrates nutrition, detoxification, and natural therapies with a very limited use conventional medicine. We find that when natural and nutritional medications are used in conjunction with drugs that most side effects of drugs are minimized or eliminated. We always return to correcting the underlying causes of disease and supporting the body with natural medications and treatments to support the body’s inherent and God-given ability to heal.
To practice complementary and alternative medicine in the 21st century—in an age when environmental illnesses, immune system disorders, and cancer are nearly epidemic—is quite a privilege and challenge.
We call this approach to healing “Real Health Medicine.”
We believe we cannot help you heal if we do not join hands with you, listen from the heart to your words and to the messages from your body and symptoms, and work as a team bringing in wisdom and expertise from many different arenas.
Our innovative protocols and programs address illnesses such as chronic infections and Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, fibromylagia, allergies, thyroid problems, hormone disorders, arthritis, cancer, digestive problems, heart and circulatory disease, and degenerative diseases such as cancer. We also offer preventive health programs to retard or reverse premature aging and predispositions to disease.

When you come to us, our wellness team looks deep for the many causes to your illness. We begin with an examination, a leisurely and probing history, a wide range of diagnostic tests to determine your metabolic, biochemical, hormonal, and toxic-load profile. We are a team, and together we work with you to create a tailored course of treatment—a revolutionary treatment that can include everything from dietary change, to immune boosting therapies, energy medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, detoxification regimens, herbal medicines, photon and light-based treatments, laser energy treatments, colonic therapy, massage, and more.
Every one of our practitioners is constantly learning, taking new courses, and we are in touch with cutting-edge practitioners around the country, exchanging new ideas and tips on new treatments. Many of the patients we see are still considered to have no known cause to their disabling conditions, or are called incurable by doctors practicing only traditional medicine—or, even worse, are scoffed at and written off with the conclusion, “There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re fine.”
Here’s what we do instead of brushing you off. We test for nutritional deficiencies and then replenish. We explore environmental history, toxic exposures, and measure toxins in blood and urine. We use bioenergetic testing in screening for toxicity, infections, stress, and organ function. We work on changing the home and work environment, limiting exposure, and detoxifying the body. For emotions, we have a range of different practitioners and techniques to help patients work through emotional traumas and heal.


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